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Hey, I’m Colette. Grab a cup of coffee and hang out awhile. I’m so glad you’re here!

I love to build.

Relationship. Businesses. Anything. You give me room and I will roll up my sleeves and get to work. I believe so much of my dreaming has fueled my love to build. I see the vision first and then I create the steps to make it happen. This is what lights me up everyday!

I love to write.

About life. God. Coaching. My life’s motto (and a Life Coaching business I had once) is Braving Forward because we make the choice everyday to keep moving into our lives. Nowadays with iPhone and Netflix, the tendency to numb and check out when life gets rough is all too tempting. We have to make the conscience choice to build into our core values. My core values are faith and wisdom. Writing has been the primary way I process my life, enabling me to build these core values increasingly everyday.

I love to make things beautiful.

My home. An Event. Weddings. I get so much pleasure and satisfaction setting a table or decorating a space for a special occasion. My craft closet is chocked full of little items ready to be used at anytime to add that special touch. Being able to host a party in our home or backyard is a huge passion for both my husband and I. Hospitality is a shared valued in our home and having a well set up space is the primary way I show love.

I love Jesus.

He is my source that I draw from everyday. I am a strong believer of the local church, more so, I am getting my Master’s in Christian Leadership because I feel drawn to leadership in the local church. I love to teach the Bible and show others how to study God’s Word. I am passionate about building healthy leaders who are Biblical literate, engaged in culture, self-aware, and steadfast. Jesus and His church are my greatest passions.

I love efficiency.

And with saying that, I will finish this section in bullet point format:

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