Hidden Word Community

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I may not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11

Hidden Word is a community of Christ followers dedicated to hiding God’s word in our hearts through the practice of memorization and meditation. The mission statement is simple:

Know the Word by heart.


Hidden Word believes that when we take time regularly to memorize and meditate on God’s word, we give the Holy Spirit fodder to use in our daily lives, conforming us to Christlikeness. Hiding God’s word in our heart enables us to triumph over sin (Psalm 119:11), readily bring comfort to those in need (Proverbs 25:11), teach the gospel to those who do not follow Christ, and continually enjoy God’s presence. May this community become a place of encouragement and support as we set our sights on the goal for which God has called us. (Phil 3:14)

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As a community, we take 2-3 weeks out of each month to meditate and memorize a passage. Now please don’t be frightened off by this! We realize that memorizing Scripture is quite the undertaking. That is why the two core values behind Hidden Word are:

Discipline & Grace

We need both, especially when it comes to memorizing Scripture! We need the discipline because it’s hard, but we also need grace because there’s opportunity for failure. Hidden Word is not about perfection or performance, but simply about developing a habit of daily being in the Word. The point is not that you are able to recite these whole passages verbatim (if you can, more power to you!), but to engage God’s Word with the intent to carry it around in your hearts each day. Even if you only memorize a few verses, that is amazing!

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Memory Plans are available in the shop for instant download. You are welcome to work through the plans on your own or join the Hidden Word Community Facebook Group and follow along with the community. Head to the Shop now!

We also offer Reading and Meditation Plans that will always be free and available for instant download in our Freebies section.

So join a movement that is full of challenge and compassion, and find out just how amazing it is to carry God’s Word around in our hearts each day!

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