Take a seat, my friend!

Your struggles, confusion, anger, and [you fill in the blank] with God, His church and your personal faith journey is welcomed here. Our stories form our theological views more than many of us realize. We hear and read one thing, yet experience something completely different. The contradictions feel astounding and many of us wonder why we are even holding onto a faith that no longer feels relevant in today’s world or makes us associated with “those guys” which has us in hiding. Most of you will not pursue a formal Biblical and Theological education in your lifetime. Many will not sit in a classroom where your questions and participation are actually required in order for you to pass! So where else can you have the opportunity to wrestle and learn about God? Your local church? Unfortunately, we all know that depends on the church. So I have created this blog to both process my own frustrations about faith and teach a little about what I am learning in Seminary. If you resonate with my message, I am so glad you are here! There is space at the table for you. Regardless of if you agree or don’t with me, you are welcome here. Please take a seat if you’d like. Where shall we start? Perhaps with my story.

Courage loves company, join ours!

It takes a lot of courage to step into those space we don’t feel qualified or even welcomed (like a woman writing about theology perhaps!) So if you need a little encouragement each month to equip you to brave forward in life, work and faith, sign up below for my monthly newsletter.