Life can take some cheap shots.

Let me just name a few of mine: mental illness, death, addiction, infertility.

How about some existential ones: directionless, self-doubt, spiritual lethergy

The list of struggles me and my loved ones walked through have blown gaping holes into my faith and left me wandering if God even cared at all.

I have felt the clash of life and faith too many times to count and yet, I just cannot stop believing that God is for me even when life is against me. You may think I’m nuts but I know God is still good and has good plans for my life but defining the “good” is the hardest part. If it was left up to me, good would look like zero struggles, a big house and a booming ministry career.

Reality check: it’s not up to me!

So the struggles remain but I cannot shake this faith that compels me to trust in a God who became flesh and died on a cross so that we would know for certain that he is for us. Much of the time, we form our theology (our believes about God) around our stories (I like to call this story-formed theology) which ends up painting a very distorted picture of the God. And yet, our Bibles contain stories that also paint a picture of God that is at times hard to swallow. Believe it or not, the theological tensions we find ourselves in are actually good. Whoever taught you in Sunday school to just choke down your questions and doubts with a big glass of trust set many up for a failing faith. If my struggles in life have taught me anything, it is this: God doesn’t cringe at our anger, doubts nor even our bad theology about him. Emboldening faith is not about ignoring the questions or cloaking our hardships with “God is good” platitudes. It’s about engaging a spiritual relationship that doesn’t begin with us, it begins with God. Faithful orthodoxy (belief) leads to faithful orthopraxy (practice) which enables us to brave the hardships with an unwavering faith. This is why I love to study bible and theology…

about me…

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