Braving forward in life, faith, and work.

Hi, friend! Welcome to my blog/wedding planning business site. I have very little desire to manage two websites, so I just keep adding to this one! Lol! Here you will find both my writings and my love for all things wedding. This site also had an Etsy shop and Life Coaching business connected to it. I am an entrepreneur through and through. I still do creative design but now more for my blog and business. I also still coach but it is more integrated in my writing and business. I am discovering that life is more about integration than it is about having everything in a neat tidy box. Our passions are wild and not easily tamed. We just simply need to learn how to enjoy the ride! However… one thing that has anchored me the most on this wild ride is discovering healthy boundaries.

Having trouble setting healthy boundaries?

Let me help!

If you are having difficulty creating healthy boundaries with someone close to you, a coworker, an acquaintance at church, or just about anyone, let this Boundary Assessment guide you through a process in reestablishing and maintaining better boundaries. Because let’s face it, this is a skill WE ALL NEED MORE OF!

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Hey there, I’m Colette.

I am a professional dreamer and a lover of many things. I often find myself torn between different passions and have made it my life’s goal to find more clarity and direction when it come to the callings we have in life. Here are just a few of mine…