Welcome, friend!

I pray that these pages will be an encouragement to you to brave forward in the callings you have placed before you. Along my own journey of discovery, riddled with both failures and successes, I have learned that I will always be learning! From healthy boundaries to discovering what really lights my fire and gets me motivated. I am passionate about teaching Bible and theology, and I am a coach by nature cheering you on but also not being afraid to speak hard truth. We all need a good kick in the pants every now and then, right? But mostly, I am a writer who processes the world around her through writing. And so, I pray that you will find within these pages, a God who loves you, hope to keep going, and tools to make this journey a little less bumpy.

Courage loves company, join ours!

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Hey there, I’m Colette.

I am a professional dreamer and a lover of many things. I often find myself torn between different passions and have made it my life’s goal to find more clarity and direction when it come to the callings we have in life. Here are just a few of mine…