Stop scrolling and take a deep breath…

This is a safe place for you.

Your struggles, confusion, anger, and [you fill in the blank] with God, His church and your personal faith journey are welcome but most of all, your full story is welcome here!

I know there are times when our faith feels like it clashes with actual life. Our beliefs concerning our identity, God’s role in the world and in our individual life get tested, and our faith can be strengthened in these times or begin to dimension. Yet I know and have personally experienced that when we seek God, we will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13). This is theology in practice and the reason why we are able to brave forward in life, work and faith. And this is why we need theology…

about me…

Writer of late-starts and faith.

Wife to Josh and mom to many furry creatures.

Creative but you don’t want to see me draw.

Follower of Jesus. Wine enthusiast. Recovering self-doubter.

Courage loves company, join ours!

It takes a lot of courage to step into those space we don’t feel qualified or even welcomed (like a woman writing about theology perhaps!) So if you need a little encouragement each month to equip you to brave forward in life, work and faith, sign up below for my monthly newsletter.