Grab a seat, my friend.

All of you are welcome at This Table.

I am an aspiring writer, that longs to see the Church of God build bigger tables that are filled with people who don’t look or sound like me but we can all share a good bottle of wine, and talk about our shared hope we have in Jesus.

I believe we are able to do this through the power given to us by the Holy Spirit.

This is a place of storytelling, holding space and practicing resilient faith.

And if you’re new here, this is a good place to begin.

about me…

Creative. Follower of Jesus. Wine enthusiast.

Wife to Josh and mom to many furry creatures.

Seminary student. Pastor. Lover of theology.

Decaf coffee drinker.

Courage loves company, join ours!

It takes a lot of courage to step into those space we don’t feel qualified or even welcomed (like a woman writing about theology perhaps!) So if you need a little encouragement each month to equip you to brave forward in life, work and faith, sign up below for my bi-monthly newsletter. Each month includes a free printable to encourage you to brave forward in the things God has called you into.