5 things to put in your coffee

I know, I know, cream and sugar are pretty great but let’s face it, they aren’t all that great for us. Yes, you could buy organic cream but why not try to branch out and make your morning coffee do some heavy lifting for you! Here’s the thing, not many of us are consistent with taking our vitamins or getting all our fruits and vegetables but we never, NEVER seem to forgot our coffee. Am I right? So let’s give our cup of morning jo a little makeover. Here are five things you can put in your morning coffee (plus a few recipes) to give you an extra boost! 

  1. Easy Antioxidants:
    1. Cocoa – It’s loaded with magnesium and fiber!
    2. Maca – full of bone healthy calcium and great for hormone balancing.
    3. Cinnamon – Stabilizes blood sugar, boost metabolism and tastes like Christmas!
  2. Fat: Organic butter, MCT oil, coconut oil – seriously, just do it. The research on the benefits of these fats is hard to beat but don’t overdo it. I am not a huge fan of the Ketogenic diet but whatever works for you, go for it! No judgement here. However, the research is in and these fats are known best in boosting energy and brain function. Here’s a good read.
  3. Collagen powder – Zero flavor and adds that extra boost for your skin, hair, and nails. Especially needed for winter skin! 
  4. Creamer alternatives that are made with real ingredients! Here are a few of my favorite:
    1. Picnik (a great blend of butter and MCT oil)
    2. Nut Pods – Peppermint Mocha for the holiday’s is amazing!
  5. Mushroom coffee – If your coffee is still giving you the jitters after adding some healthy fat or antioxidants, try cutting back and try these! The medium roast is my favorite.

Here’s a few favorite recipes:

Antioxidant blend:

  • 3 tbs of Cocoa, 1 tbs Maca and ¼ tsp of Cheyenne

I add about a teaspoon of this to my coffee every morning.

Fat blends:

Now with adding fat, be aware that you will have to blend it. You can use an Immersion blender or Magic Bullet, those little battery operated hand-held frother won’t cut it. 

I usually like a half tablespoon of butter with the antioxidant blend above or Picnik. 

Have a happy and healthy morning!

Hope these ideas give you a little motivation to add an easy dose of healthy to your regular morning coffee!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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