How I keep going to church

My dearest friend,

You had asked me “How do you do it?” while sitting in a busy car with a crying baby.

It wasn’t a question pertaining to my accomplishments but about how I continue to be apart of a church, or the church I should say. With all its flaws and failures, you were looking for an answer as to how I keep being apart of the church. We never got to finish our conversation, so this is my answer to you and to anyone else wondering how I keep going to church.

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5 Keys To Unlocking Your Bravest Self

Over the course of my (not-so-long) life, I have discovered a few key reasons as to why I stuck through certain situations that I would have otherwise given up. When it comes to fighting for our dreams and being brave, these 5 components I am about to share with you have been vital to both my successes and my ability to dust off the failures and keep going.

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