5 Keys To Unlocking Your Bravest Self

The (Not So Easy But Totally Worth It) Path To Dreaming Big & Sticking With It

Over the course of my (not-so-long) life, I have discovered a few key reasons as to why I stuck through certain situations that I would have otherwise given up. When it comes to fighting for our dreams and being brave, these 5 components I am about to share with you have been vital to both my successes and my ability to dust off the failures and keep going.


I cannot stress this enough. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people. If you want to be wise, then hang out with wise people. You won’t go wrong with surrounding yourself with like minded people who love you and challenge you. Also the belief of “Community over competition” is a non-negotiable here. Choose a community who wants YOU to succeed!


Get really clear about what you want and what you are exactly doing. Many people will say “Start before your ready” and I agree with this to a point. However don’t toss your pursuit of clarity to the side for the sake of “getting started” but instead chase after it! Understand your limitations. Get vulnerable with safe people. Ask yourself the hard questions. Keep learning more about yourself and your personal mission.


Many people give up for they get started so understand your commitment level and stick with it. Make an agreement with yourself that you WILL keep moving forward, even if it feels minuscule. Acknowledge your fear then push past it. Develop a tolerance for uncertainty. You will fail a few (or a lot of) times but you will also recover! Learn from it and keep going. Success is not without us failing forward.


Without a clear set of values you will get tossed around a bit then most likely burn out. Figure out your core values that you will NOT compromise and stick to your guns. Find a community of people with the same values and collaborate with them.


Believe in yourself! You are gifted and brave, and the world needs you to show up. Have confidence even when the clarity isn’t there or your convictions are being tested. I want you to know deep down in your soul that you are enough, that you have nothing to prove, and that you are capable!

Now get out there and change the world!



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