How To Keeping Dreaming – When You Feel Like Giving Up

Remember that fire when you first started? The motivation to achieve that one big goal was so thrilling. However the reality of achieving that goal became increasingly difficult and perhaps even boring. You now find yourself reconsidering why you started in the first place.

We’ve all been there, right?! And perhaps some of you are there right now…

Let me offer you 7 key strategies that successful people have used to keep going when they want to give up. Let these strategies be a guide to help you keep dreaming when you feel like giving up.

Remember Your Why

Remind yourself why you started in the first place.  When the reality of how hard we have to work to reach our goals sets in, we are often tempted to give up. However, if we continue to remind ourselves why we started in the first place, we discover there is fresh motivation for us to keep going.

Tip: Create a mantra or short mission statement to recite when you need to remember your why.

Develop Resiliency

Let’s face it; this is hard stuff. There is no shortcut to reaching your goals. It can be a long and arduous journey, but it can also be an exciting and thrilling one as well! For us to face the inevitable obstacles, we need to develop a resiliency that will allow us to walk through them, learn from them, grow from them, and keep going.

Resource: Developing resiliency takes time and hard work. I recommend these resources to get you started: “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown and “Failing Forward” by John C Maxwell

Give Yourself Grace

My morning coffee mug says “Less Hustle More Grace” (Etsy: rachelallene shop) This little mantra is a reminder that I need to be working from a place of grace and not just from the hustle. So if you need to step back, pray, reevaluate, and have a time of personal reflection, do it! Better to pause your dreams to gain perspective than to scrap them all together.

Create Accountability

We are relational creatures; we need each other! Our dreams are never and should never be done in isolation. We need coaches and mentors who will give us the encouragement we need but will also hold our feet to the fire. So find those people if you don’t have them already!

Resource: Article to read “Why You Need To Hire A Coach” – Forbes 2015

Redefine Success

“When at first you don’t succeed, redefine success” (Unknown). Redefining success doesn’t mean lowering the bar; it just means to personalize it. What does success look like for you? For your family? We all get caught up in the comparison trap, so let’s take a moment and define what it looks like when we have finally reached our goal.

Resource: Read my blog “4 Ways to Stop Comparing and Start Celebrating”

Change Your Focus

Instead of focusing on the problem start focusing on the solution. Ask yourself a few coaching questions that may help remove those mental obstacles:

  • What solutions have you thought of so far?
  • Which one could you implement today/ this week?
  • If you failed, what would you learn?
  • If you succeed, what’s next?!

Get Organized

Sometimes we hit a setback in reaching our goals because we are disorganized. Our paper, electronic files, calendar, phone lists, etc. are in desperate need of some TLC. If this is the case, STOP! Schedule time to organize your space, computer, calendar, whatever it is that is holding you back. Trust me, this is time well spent!

TIP: If you need help with time and calendar management, research a few systems that could help you. I love my Google calendar and iPhone. If you need paper, try Power Sheets or go to your local office store and buy a day planner. Also, take the time to organize your physical space: files, office supplies, and computer.

We have all experienced wanting to give up at one time or another, and I want to encourage you to keep going. I pray that these 7 strategies help you continue to chase after your dreams and reach those big goals. Remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made, now go live like it!

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