5 things I have learned in the first couple weeks of 2020

Happy New Year, friends! It’s a new year and a new decade! What will you do with your life over the next ten years? (No pressure) It hasn’t even been a month and already the life lessons are taking cheap shots as well as giving me a high five. Here are a few things I have learn in just a few weeks into this new decade:

1. You can be an extrovert by nature but an introvert in stress.

The worst is when this surprises me in public like I just discovered I am wearing my shirt backwards or something to the equivalent. There are times when I feel disconnected in scenarios I should be the most naturally engaged. I am also a terrible faker, I just can’t slap on a smile. I am learning in those moments to give myself permission to take a break and hang-out with my introverted-self for awhile.

Yes, that’s me with freakin Jessica Honegger

2. Pick one thing.

For years I have struggled with picking just one thing and sticking to it. This habit plays out the most in my health journey. I don’t stick with diets not because they are hard but because something else comes along that seems more enticing or better. So this year, I’m just committing to eating real food and doing Barre3. That’s it!

My favorite workout, ever! Also, they have a lot of modifications for my aging bones.

3. Sweater stones double as dog hair magnets.

I am totally serious about this one. Our German Shedder just can’t seem to keep any hair to herself. It is literally everywhere. I often find myself treasure hunting for bunches of hair around the house with our hand-held vacuum like I’m looking for a precious stone that fell out of a piece of jewelry. My normal tool was the infamous lint roller but I hated how wasteful it was. So on a whim and a cry for God to intervene supernaturally, I tried my sweater stone and it works! Praise God! Try this one.

Isn’t she the cutest?!

4. Counseling is still a good idea.

For me, for you, for anyone needing to dive into the more uncomfortable parts of our story. It’s funny how this is always a last resort when we find ourselves face to face with our pain. We naturally isolate and deceive ourselves that we can handle this alone. No need to unpack this much further, you can just read this blog.

Lighting a candle for my sweet sister in heaven.

5. Let wild things be wild.

I have tried for over threes years to domesticate our cat Aoife (pronounced Eefa) and I have finally given up. She wants to be outside and be free. We got her when she was an 8-week old cuddly kitten and yet, her wild nature hasn’t ever really grown out of her. Just this last week, I finally decided to start feeding her outside and let her in only when she cries, even then, I think she cries to just say “hi, I’m still here!”. I realize now that no amount of kindly calling her name at 9 pm is going to convince her to come inside. I am just going to let her be free and catch her for regular check-ups and shots.

She naturally gravitates towards the Christmas tree, go figure.

There you have it, friends and now, it’s your turn! Share with us a few things you have learned in this new decade below in the comments. Also, any advice on taking care of an outdoor cat (no sad stories, please) would be greatly appreciated.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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