Stay Holy, Stay Home: Good Friday

(Original series written Easter of 2020 during the beginning months of COVID-19.)

Today is a somber day marked by the brutal and gruesome journey Jesus made to the cross for us. I would usually find myself at the Portland Grotto to walk through the Stations of the Cross, stopping and praying at each station. I would see an array of flowers on each station as the many visitors leave them as they walk the trail but this year is different. With COVID-19 these stations and many stations like this are closed to the public. So I went on a hunt for virtual stations and here’s what I found.

First, read today’s scripture.

Read through the passages slowly Matthew 27:11-54 & Psalm 22

Stations of the Cross

There is no teaching today, only silence and contemplation. I want to leave room for the Holy Spirit to work the following images deep into our souls today. Below you will find multiple options for the Stations of the Cross. I chose a variety of different ways to experience the stations from traditional art to modern film.

To begin, make sure you are in a quiet place with minimal distractions. Take as much time as you need to work through each station. You don’t have to walk through them in one sitting. Even a couple of stations can be a spiritual experience and aid you in this contemplative practice.

Catholic Stations of the Cross – Traditional Catholic Stations that include responsive prayers.

A Walk Through The Stations of the Cross – The Grotto, Portland Oregon.

Printable Stations of the Cross – Good option for kids.

About The Stations of the Cross

Learn more about the history of the Stations of the Cross in this short Youtube video.


Put out a bowl of tooth picks by the crown of thorns. Place a toothpick in the crown of thorns throughout the day, thanking Jesus for his gift of painful grace given to us.

Preparation for Holy Saturday and Easter

Holy Saturday – Gather or purchase enough candles to last an early morning and evening. On this day we are going to remember Jesus laying in his dark tomb by not using any light for the day.

Easter Morning – Wake up 30 minutes before sunrise for a homey Sun Rise Service! Super simple. No preparation (unless you need more time to make coffee). Blog will be published at 12:01 AM PT to make sure everyone in the US gets it before sunrise!

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