Stay Holy, Stay Home: He is Risen!!

I write this blog as the morning sun begins to rise and blind me from typing. My eyes are watering from it’s brilliant warmth on my face and I can’t ignore the overwhelming joy that I feel when I write about Easter morning. It has always been my favorite time of year, even as a young child. There’s just something about the springtime light that brings life to my soul. Even growing up in Alaska when there was still snow on the ground this time of year, the sun always seemed to shine brightest on this day. One of my favorite parts was attending our Sunrise Service on Easter morning and I am excited to have the opportunity to have our own homey service today in the comfort of our homes! Follow the simple steps below to create your own Sunrise Service.

Sunrise Service at Home

Get up 30 minutes before sunrise.

Before sunrise, sit in the dark and quiet yourself. At sunrise (6:31 AM for us in PT) read aloud Matthew 28:1-10

Watch this short clip from The Passion.

This is our hope! THIS. RIGHT. HERE. Nothing else. This whole week we have been looking inward and confessing our misplaced hope.

We have been laying down our expectations of Jesus to embrace Him fully.

We have confessed our leafy presentations of righteousness to bear the fruit that only comes by faith.

We have reordered our beliefs and values according to the One who is stamped on our hearts.

We have confessed the ways we only clean the outside of our cup to be fully cleansed on the inside.

We have broken bread and drank wine to remember his sacrifice for us.

We have silently stood at the stations of the cross and thanked Jesus for his painful grace.

We have wandered in darkness so we may come to recognize and celebrate the light.

And now we celebrate His resurrection that brings us new life!

Once the sun breaks, turn on the lights, make your coffee, play some worship music and make yourself an amazing breakfast! He has risen!

He has risen indeed!

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