A Liturgy of Peace For These Anxious Times

O Christ of peace, be near us, we pray.

Be an ever present source of calm 

in these uncertain times, 

revealing to us our idols of calm,

leaving them now at the manger’s feet.


Empty our full cups of fear and anxiety.

Let them be poured out completely,

leaving no space but the space you fill;

More room for your peace,

more room for you, O Christ.


May your coming on a silent night,

remind our anxious hearts that it is 

in the small and quiet places,

that our restless souls can cease wandering.


O Christ of peace, be near us, we pray.


Bring us wisdom that vanquishes anxiety,

love that conquers our fears,

and hope that carries our broken hearts.

May the busyness of this season and 

the uncertainty of these times take a back seat

to your mercy and lovingkindness.


Give us eyes to see your peace.

Eyes to see when it is present and 

eyes to see where it needs to be brought.

May we not hoard peace for ourselves,

out of fear there isn’t enough or 

out of anger that others don’t deserve it

but share it freely, knowing it’s eternal abundance

is not prejudice but pours out freely.


O Christ of peace, be near us all, we pray.


Let us thoughtfully consider the ways of peace,

carefully constructing our days to invite it’s presence:

Shutting off unnecessary noise, eliminating excessive spending,

turning away from the draining blue light of screens.

Let us instead tune our ears toward the silent calm, 

practice generosity, and look into eyes that smile.


Though others may make the day difficult,

and the news may add to frustration and fears.

Though it feels like nothing will return to normal

and the loneliness is overwhelming.

Even though anxiety wakes us up at night

and anger catches us by surprise.


O Christ of peace, give us the grace to give peace even still!


Give grace this day, Lord Jesus.

We cannot see your peace without it! 

Take this day, full of unknowns and anxieties,

make it a mantle of your peace in our homes,

our places of work, and in communities.

Give us grace this day, this very moment Lord Jesus.

Knowing that your peace wins every time,

even in the face of hatred, injustice, sickness and death.

Your peace is more contagious than any virus.

May we be super-spreaders of your peace, oh Lord!


O Christ of peace, be near us, we pray.


Meet us, O Christ in the hardship of this day,

Let your peace be born.

In the discord with family and friends,

Let your peace be born.

In the emptiness of our homes and tables,

Let your peace be born.

In the fear of sickness and death,

Let your peace be born.


Be born, O Christ of peace in us this day.

Birth in us everlasting and generous peace,

that does not come and go with our moods 

but is resilient in the breaking storm and 

holds fast in our ever changing days.

Be born in us,

be born in others,

be born in our enemies

in our friends,

in our leaders,

in our communities

and in our nation.


Amen. Amen. Amen.

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Hey friend! I'm excited to meet you! I live in Portland, OR and completely love city life. My hubby and I have been married for over 14 years and still completely adore each other. I am a Jesus follower who is passionate about building up the local church and developing healthy communities. It's so nice of you to stop by! So grab a coffee or a glass of wine, and hang out a bit.

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