5 Ways Perfectionism Is Blocking Your Creativity (and how to stop it)

I can’t tell you how many times I show up to a blank document and find myself already wishing for a final draft to magically appear. This is one of my biggest mental blocks when it comes to writing and my creative life. Just the sight of a blank page, and I am instantly in panic over the foreseeable rough draft: the run-on sentences, the bad grammar, the unformed thesis and my tendency to overuse the word “that”.

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5 Things to Keep You Faithful In Your Writing

Writing isn’t about inspiration, it’s about faithfulness. Yes, that first inspirational spark, that calling that draws you to your keyboard on a regular basis, is relevant but it’s not what keeps you writing. I have a sticky note on my computer that reminds me “Writing is a job, so treat it like one”. It may not be one that pays (yet) but our callings are worthy of pursuit and require our faithfulness.

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How to keep showing up (even when you feel like you have nothing to show for)

It’s been one full month since I have been out of school for the summer. I rushed into summer with a load of expectations:

Have a garage sale, check!
Workout more, check!
Build in time for writing…kind-of check!
Publish two blogs a month…uh…
Create a new Summer Memory Plan…memory, what?!

As I am sitting here trying to figure out what to write for my readers, I am simply just writing to myself and asking, “How can I continue to show up for this when I feel like I have nothing to show for?”.

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Why I Think I’m A Bad Writer (And Why I Don’t Care)

This last week I experienced what I like to call “Email PTSD”. Now I don’t want to diminish the real affects of PTSD but many of us have the same experiences just on a smaller scale. Last week was my first week as my church’s administrator. They just hired me and I was so excited to start. It has been a dream of mine to be a paid leader in a church and now God has created a role that fits me perfectly! Then I received my first email…

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