5 Things to Keep You Faithful In Your Writing

Writing isn’t about inspiration, it’s about faithfulness.

Yes, that first inspirational spark, that calling that draws you to your keyboard on a regular basis, is relevant but it is not what keeps you writing. I have a sticky note on my computer that reminds me

Writing is a job, so treat it like one.

It may not be one that pays (yet) but our callings are worthy of pursuit and require our faithfulness. It goes far beyond being disciplined and organized in these pursuits, much of the time it’s about sacrifice. Sacrificing time, money, coffee dates with friends, a clean kitchen in order to sit your butt in that chair and write. But faithfulness and sacrifice don’t come in pretty packages. They’re messy and go against every fiber of our comfort-seeking, instant-gratification egos that expect things to be easy and fast. So when faithfulness eludes me and sacrifice seems unnecessary, I do these 5 things to keep me on track.

  1. 10 minutes of raw journal writing – Get those thoughts out of your head and on paper. Whatever voices, “good” or “bad” are saying and put them on display to look at them for a bit BUT don’t get stuck there. That’s why you only get 10 minutes. Also NO EDITING! This time is raw for a purpose.
  2. Hope Writers Lesson – When I am needing a dose of faithfulness, I glean from others who have been faithful and have sacrificed. These lessons are invaluable to me and act like extra tread I need while climbing this mountain.
  3. It’s scheduled – My writing day is Wednesdays. The dog is in daycare and I have the full day to write. It comes every week and I mentally prepare for it. Even on Wednesdays like this when I have literally ZERO CLUE as to what I am writing about or to whom, I’m still here cranking out this faithfulness blog.
  4. Coffee – And I am totally serious about this one. It’s not about the caffeine but about the groundedness that a hot beverage brings to my writing environment. It says to me: “Buckle in, we’re going to be here for a while.”
  5. List posts on staying faithful – LOL! This last point is just silliness and simultaneously strategic because what helps me stay faithful might help you or it might not. So I would encourage you to write your own list on what helps you stay faithful and be able to sacrifice for the creative calling God has put in your heart. 

Well, friends, I have a fresh cup of coffee and I am going to get back at it. 

Happy Wednesday!

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