Life Happenings + Christmas in Prague

Hello friends,

I am finally sitting down to tell you all what is going on in my life and the possible reasons why I might be a bit quiet this coming fall.

1. New Job



This past July I was brought on staff at my church, Bread & Wine communities, here in Portland, OR. I was thrilled to be considered for this position because I have felt called to vocational ministry for some time now, but never felt like I had a place in the local church other than children’s and women’s ministry. My position is a part-time administrator, which looks more like an organizational leadership position in the church and fits my giftings perfectly. I love administration when it aids our community to continue the good work of making disciples.

2. Starting Seminary


I am starting seminary this fall…actually next week! I am pursuing a Master of Divinity degree and I am extremely excited/terrified to begin. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but have never thought seriously about it until recently. A few key people encouraged me in this pursuit which made all the difference. I am passionate about learning theology to aid the spiritual formation of the local church, grounding it in biblical truth and a grace-filled engagement of current culture.

3. IVF in Prague


We are entering into our fifth year of battling infertility and have come to a dead end with our current treatments. Once we finish these treatments we will begin saving for IVF (In Vitro) that we hope to do this December in Prague (it’s MUCH cheaper there). Infertility has been a roller coaster of emotions which has contributed to my overall mental health. Some weeks when I’m completely silent online are the weeks I just need to take care of myself emotionally. We still have hope and are excited about our possible trip in December.

4. New Memory Plan – Psalm 145

Close up 145

Hidden Word Community is starting a new plan the first week of September. This plan will be different from the previous plans because you will be able to set your own pace instead of the regular monthly plan allowing me time to figure out a “new normal” and give you more time in the Scripture. My blog How To Trust In God’s Plan For You (Even When It Hurts) + New Memory Plan! tells the heart behind why I chose this passage to memorize. Grab your Memory Cards in the Shop for instant download or head to the Freebies section to get your free Meditation Plan. We start the first week in September!

There is a balance of good and difficult stuff happening in life right now which brings me to my main point: I have no clue how this fall/winter is going to look. With starting school, saving for IVF, working at my church, and managing this blog/community, everything may look the same, I may go completely silent, or I may blog more with all the fodder I will be receiving from school. So I ask for your prayers and patience as I enter into this next season. This community is important to me and I want to continue to invest in it.

Thanks for sticking with me,


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Hey friend! I'm excited to meet you! I live in Portland, OR and completely love city life. My hubby and I have been married for over 14 years and still completely adore each other. I am a Jesus follower who is passionate about building up the local church and developing healthy communities. It's so nice of you to stop by! So grab a coffee or a glass of wine, and hang out a bit.

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